Take blip give you guidelines on how to build a router architecture with our best practices


This article’s main goal is to give you some guidelines on how to build your router architecture using Take’s best practices. Following this rules you’ll improve your bot router maintainability making it easier to any other developer act on it if necessary.

To understand most of this article you should need to know the basics of bot routers. This article will explains how to create the router and some more.


Before starting you should take a moment look to your project and define what…

Learn the basics on how to create a blip bot router

Sometimes you have big or complexes bots flows that would be easier to handle if they were divided by any subject you want, to do such a thing we have bot routers, and to use blip’s routers you have to understand a few concepts:

  • A router works like a hub of bots;
  • Bots added to the router are called services;
  • All services are able to redirect between themselves;
  • Each service can redirect to other service (in the same router) at any point of the flow;
  • Every router needs a…

Gabriel Rodrigues dos Santos

Tech Lead @ Take | Bachelor in Computer Science @ UESC

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